We gladly invite you to participate in our International Conference dedicated to the technologies for growing berries, vegetables, and flowers undercover or in the open ground!

24.01.2024, 18:31

The first international scientific-practical Conference "Vegetable and Berry Growing Undercover or in the Open Ground: Technologies and Innovations" will take place on 29 February - 1 March 2024, in Kyiv restaurant - hotel complex Verkhovyna. 29 February, the first conference day includes presentations by specialists in growing fruit and vegetable crops undercover or in the open ground, an exhibition of technologies for effective business management. On March 1, during the business tour, conference participants will visit the Viplant enterprise in the Kyiv region, which since 2017 has been growing vegetables and seedlings, berries, and tulips on an area of 7 hectares in closed and open ground.
The organizer is the media group “Technologies and Innovations” the publisher of the well-known professional journals “Horticulture and Vegetable Growing, Nut Wood. TI”, “Berry Field” and “Drinks” & “Beer. TI”.
Due to the rising interest in a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly food, the demand for fresh and high-quality berries and vegetables is constantly increasing. Moreover, growing under cover can be a duly profitable solution when the farmer aims to harvest earlier and thus obtain higher profits, as well as farmer wants to ensure constant employment of workers in his enterprise. No less interest is in growing flowers. Many growers build greenhouses to grow flowers. That’s why this conference will combine several main directions for the creation and development of a successful business, in particular, growing in the open ground and a greenhouse, polytunnel, or protected cropping environment. So, let’s talk about growing various berry crops (strawberries, raspberries, grapes), vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc.), and flowers in greenhouses. Technologies for growing berries and vegetables in the open ground will also be under discussion.
The main conference idea is similar to our other conferences to provide informational support to berry, fruit, and vegetable growers, and farmers, especially during wartime, popularize the latest technologies and advanced experience gained in the extreme wartime conditions, promote farming development, solve issues of food security and wellness of our country overall. 

The conference aims - to reveal to the participants the real huge potential and numerous advantages of growing various crops under cover or in the open ground, to prove the effectiveness and prospects of this business for expanding the range of opportunities and raising the level of profitability of agricultural enterprises, farms, and companies. To show the ways of selling and storing products, in other words, from sale on the fresh market to export. 
Conference participants: owners, managers, chief specialists of berry, horticultural, vegetable farms, processing enterprises, representatives of technological companies, sales and export specialists, scientists, and everyone interested in creating and successfully running own business on his land.
The Conference Program Includes:
• Discussion panel “Financing for agricultural enterprises with the use of grant and other aid programs in 2024, with the main focus on creating greenhouses and tunnels”
• Conference section “Growing berries under cover and in the open ground: current approaches” Speeches from practicing farmers and representatives of technological companies.
• Conference section “Growing of vegetables under cover and in the open ground prospects of running this business” Speeches from practicing farmers and representatives of technological companies.
• Exhibition of equipment, machinery, tools, plant protection products, fertilizers, etc.
• Charity auction of goods and services with the support of the “Strong and Free” Charity Fund, the funds will be used to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
• Business tour to the Viplant enterprise on the second day, March 1, where vegetables and seedlings, berries, and tulips are grown in closed and open ground.
A lot of multifaceted issues will be under discussion:
• Current berry and vegetables greenhouses and tunnels: technological solutions and innovations. The main advantages and disadvantages.
• Growing berries and vegetables undercover and comparing growing in the open ground.
• Methods of increasing productivity in vegetable and berry growing.
• Which plants are better for selecting to grow under cover and in the open ground to obtain high productivity?
• The main aspects of the operation of a modern greenhouse: soil, air temperature and ventilation, lighting, watering, fertilizing, selection of crops and varieties, etc.
• Growing grapes under cover: peculiarities of cultivation and care.
• Presentation of business plans for the creation of up-to-date greenhouses for growing berries and vegetables.
• Necessary certification for berry and vegetable farms.
• Product quality: secrets of successful experience.
• Recommendations in choosing high-quality planting material.
• Mechanization and automation growing in the greenhouse and the open ground: from planting to harvesting.
• Grower and buyer: how to find a common language and have a win-win situation.
• Modern packaging of berries and vegetables.
• High-quality cooling of berries and vegetables and logistic chain.
• Irrigation of berry and vegetable crops.
• Pollination of berry and vegetable crops.
On March 1, a business tour will be held at the Viplant enterprise in Kyiv region. Viplant is an enterprise that, since 2017, has been growing vegetables and seedlings, berries, and tulips in closed and open ground on an area of 7 hectares. According to the head of the company Maksym Vasylenko, growing flowers is one of the options for partial business diversification and the use of free space in greenhouses. Currently, the priority of the Viplant company is the cultivation of cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in a greenhouse on an area of 2000 m2. The main crop in the closed soil is cucumber, which grows on an area of 1500 m2. Vegetables at the enterprise are grown according to the technology of small-volume hydroponics, when the plant grows not in a bed, not in the ground, but in bags with an artificial substrate, in particular, with mineral wool. In addition, the Viplant enterprise grows some vegetables in the open ground, and also actively develops the direction of berry growing, cultivating garden strawberries and blueberries.
We are glad to invite the owners, managers, and chief specialists of berry, horticultural, and vegetable farms, enterprises, and everyone who wants to create a successful horticultural business or improve it.

We invite you to join our community, and let’s together hold the economic front for our Victory! Now, more than ever, it’s important to support each other, unite, and solve urgent issues together.

We believe in our Armed Forces and joint Victory!
Media partners of the conference are specialized journals: “Horticulture and Vegetables. Technologies and Innovations” www.techhorticulture.com “Berry Field” www.jagodnik.info “Beverages. Technologies and Innovations” www.techdrinks.info.