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Organizers and media partners

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Forums program

Forums program

29 February, 2024
08:00 – 9:00
Registration for conference participation "Vegetable and Berry Growing: Undercover or in the Open Ground. Technologies and Innovations"
Coffee- break. Registration for business tour participantion on March 1.
09:00 – 17:00
Exhibition-presentation of equipment, technologies and materials for berry, vegetable and flower growing, and processing, as well as for cooling and freezing. 
Exhibition-tasting of berries, vegetables, fruits, as well as beverages and processed products.
Exhibition of fresh and processed products.
Subscription for journals of the "Technologies and Innovations" media group: "Horticulture and Vegetable Growing", "Nut Wood", and "Berry Field" will be working.
09:00 - 09:20
The conference opening (large hall). Welcoming speeches from the organizers and partners
- Kateryna KONEVA, Nadia Yashchuk - founders of the media group "Technologies and Innovations", organizers of the International Charity Scientific and Practical Conference.
Mykola SOLSKYY - Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine (or another representative from the Ministry) - is still being agreed (online);
- Maksym VASYLENKO, head of the company Viplant, a business tour partner of the conference;
- Tеtyana SMIRNOVA, president of the Charitable Foundation Strong and Free.
Financing of agricultural enterprises thanks to grants and other support programs in 2024 with a focus on creating greenhouses and tunnels. From the practitioners` experience. Representative of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.
Experience of successful vegetable growing in the substrate. Marcel de Jong, growing expert at Bodem&Groen (Netherlands) (online).
Garlic is a highly profitable business. How to start. Serhiy Shysh, director of the group companies Vse po chasnyku, the main technological partner of the conference.
Presentation of strawberry varieties: open ground and undercover. The importance of sustainable agricultural production on a berry plantation. Anton DOVGANYUK, berry crop consultant.
10 tips to quickly lose money growing strawberries on substrate in tunnels and greenhouses. Jan ROBBEN, agronomist of the company Flevo Berry B.V. (Netherlands) (Online)
Registration of plant varieties: obtaining patent protection and propagation rights. – Anastasia TERZEMAN, a specialist in plant varieties of IP and Law firm Pakharenko and Partners - the main legal partner of the conference.
Innovative solutions in fruit, berry, and vegetable growing. Serhiy Drap, product manager for specific crops and bioproducts of the company Summit-Agro Ukraine.
Berry growing in tunnels according to the European model. – Iryna PAVLOVA, consultant agronomist.
The best biological solutions in growing berries and vegetables. Oleksandr BYKOVSKY, consultant in horticulture and berry growing of the company Agritema
Prospects for berry growing undercover. Serhiy Zmiychyk, General Director of the company FruTech
Nutrition requirements in terms of climate change. Ruslan Gavrylyanchyk, product manager of "UniferX" company and head of the R&D research department of UniferX
The role of biological organisms in the berry, vegetable, and flower crops growing undercover.  Olena BOLTOVSKA, a specialist in pollination and protection of fruit and vegetable crops, project manager of Rosana Biological Solutions.
Reviona is a perfect formula and reliable protection. Volodymyr Voyevodin, marketing manager of special crops at BASF
Exhibition-tasting of berries, vegetables, fruits, beverages, and processed products.
Raspberries for the fresh market: peculiarities in growing and prospects. – Iryna Kobrynets, consultant agronomist.
Mineral nutrition for tomatoes: from seedlings to harvest. Practical recommendations.  Valentina YAMKOVA, head of the science and agrochemical service department of the company VITERA UKRAINE
The unique experience of combining berry and vegetable growing in greenhouses and their payback in the next season. Bohdan Lutchyn, founder of the farm Berry Prykarpattia
From the experience of growing grapes undercover. Olga Hnatyuk, representative of the farm Vynogradnyk Yulinykh
What to pay attention to avoid mistakes at the start during growing berries undercover. Hanna Lutsko, an international expert in growing berry crops and agronomist-consultant.
Designing an orchard for plant growing undercover: from what to start? Current microclimate control systems in tunnel modular film greenhouses. The main types of Haygrove`s film tunnels. Oleg DIDUKH, commercial director of the company IT-Lynx Service, official distributor of the Haygrove company in Ukraine.
Professional substrates for growing berries, vegetables, and flowers in closed and open ground. The experience in business diversification and the development of the direction in vegetable growing: opportunities and prospects. Maksym Klymchyk, director of Klioma Service
Drip irrigation systems for using undercover and open ground. Vladyslav RAZKEVICH, co-owner of the company Evkalipt R
Asparagus, about growing and storing. Pavlo BULGAKOV, an international expert on the storage of fruit and vegetable products.
Biosystems of plant nutrition and protection in the open and closed ground from the company BTU-CENTER. Serhiy VDOVENKO, head of the vegetable growing department of the company BTU-CENTER
A comprehensive approach in the berry project implementation. Denys RUDYCHEV, chief engineer of the company ProfPolyv
Perspectives of using rootstocks in growing tomatoes in greenhouses. Tetyana IVCHENKO, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Genetics, Genetic Resources and Biotechnology, Institute of Vegetable and Melon Growing, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Analysis of the vegetable market and peculiarities of their storage. The importance of vegetable production based on contracts with processors and trade networks. Andriy MARUSCHAK, commercial director of Van Dijke Technics.
Vertical farms: an innovation of growing vegetables and herbs undercover. Current vertical farms from "Green Wave Organic - the largest vertical farm in Eastern Europe. Volodymyr Novyj, head and founder of the companies Green Wave Organic and Green Wave of Ukraine.
Charity auction of goods and services of Ukrainian and European companies, with the support of the Strong and Free Charity Fund. Host - Tetyana SMIRNOVA, president of the Foundation.
The last minutes of the conference - photo shooting near the brand wall.
Stand-up buffet
2nd DAY
A business tour for visiting the enterprise Viplant.
"Viplant" is an enterprise from the Kyiv region, which since 2017 has been growing vegetables and seedlings, berries, and tulips in the greenhouses and open ground on an area of 7 hectares.



Address of the Conference:

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Лариса Товкач, тел..: +38 097 96 89 516; Анна Панкратенкова, тел: +38 097 759 25 83; Ірина Петронюк, тел: +38 096 49 166 92

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