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Organizers and media partners

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Forums program

Forums program


XII Forum of Brewers, Distillers and Beverage Producers 
To be held at Kyiv Verkhovyna Hotel, Beermaster Brewery pub on April 18-19, 2024
Participants` registration. Coffee break. 
The table for subscribing to journals of the media group "Beer Technologies and Drinks. Technologies and Innovations" will be working.
Forum`s brand wall: photo shooting for participants and guests.
Collection of products and goods provided by our partners for conducting the Charity Auction to support the brewer Dmytro Samoilov from Kyiv Local Brewery, who serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
09:00 – 17:00
Exhibition presentation of equipment, technologies and materials for craft brewing.
12:00 – 22:00
Presentation-tasting of products from the Forum`s partners - beer, cider, distillates and other beverages, various delicacies.
09:00 – 09:10
Forum Opening. Welcoming speeches from the organizers and partners. Kateryna KONEVA, and Nadia Yashchuk, founders of the media group "Technologies and Innovations", organizers of the XI International Forum of brewers, distillers, and beverage producers.
Viktor VASHCHUK, head brewer of the Beermaster pub-brewery - Partner of the friendly dinner of the Forum participants on April 18.
Svitlana DUBINYUK, director of the Malle brewery (Obukhiv) - Partner of the Forum`s business tour.
Nelli DAVNICHENKO, managing partner of craft brewery Litopys, Partner of the Forum`s business tour.
"Business model of a brewery. Launching new projects: pitfalls". – Dmytro Voloshchenko, owner of SHO Brewery.
"The creation of an exclusive malt beer by La Malterie Du Château SA/ Castle Malting". – Thean Kruger, representative of Castle Malting Company (online).
"Presentation of the company Kasta Brovariv". – Lilia KOLESNYK, representative of the company "Kasta Brovariv".
"Emotional health of the nation: How we create healthy products with a special ingredient." - Pavlo LINEVYCH, marketing director of the UnderWood Brewery.
"PET-keg - promising packaging for beer and beverages" - Yuriy GORBENKO, head of the PET keg department at Pet Technologies.
"E-commerce box. Packaging solutions for alcohol bottles" - Andriy REBRO, deputy director of the cardboard and packaging sales department of the Kyiv cardboard and paper plant.
"Use of nitrogen in brewing. Improving the quality and reducing the cost of beer." - Volodymyr KARASENKO, technical director of "Industrial Systems".
"Microbiology in the brewing industry: beneficial microorganisms and pests". - Lyubov TKACHENKO, associate professor of the Department of Hotel and Restaurant Business and Tourism of NUBiP.
Discussion panel "Sustainability of Ukrainian beer: quality secrets." Moderator - Dmytro NEKRASOV, executive director of the Association "Independent Breweries of Ukraine", founder of "FDB" and "Fanatic Breweries." His speech is about the practical experience of the above-mentioned breweries.
Topics for discussion:
"Sanitary in the brewing: basic requirements". - Yuriy ZASTAVNYY, founder of the Pravda Beer Theater.
Prshemysl BROZH, chief brewer of Riven, Kant breweries.
Kateryna MARENYCH, specialist in the quality of zonal support for brewing, "ABINBEVEFES" Ukraine 
"Practical principles for implementing HACCP in the beverage production (beer and distillates)". - Oksana VITRYAK, associate professor of DTEU, teacher of the Distillation Academy.
"Quality control in beverage production. Why quality control is also necessary even at a microbrewery, and what tools are needed? - Volodymyr PASHKO, director of the Donau Lab Ukraine company, the main technological partner of the Forum.
"New opportunities for manufacturers with complex bottling lines from the Ukrainian engineering company "Termo-Pak" - Vadym USENKO, representative of the company "Termo-Pak".
FORUM OF ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES - a discussion about innovative approaches for beverage production. Non-alcoholic beer. Beer with additives. Aged beer.
Moderator - Viktor VASHCHUK, who`s a brewer, multiple winners of tasting competitions, head of Beermaster Brewery and Brewery courses – master brewer/Courses of the brewing business – master brewer.
- Nazar STASYUK, brewer of New Products Ukraine
- Maksym KOLOSOV, director and brewer of Beer Hub (Hrew Brew)
- Dmytro DERII, chief technologist of the Gava brewery.
- "Cannabis in food products". - Ilarion YAROSHENKO, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Military Pharmacy.
- "Production of vipa from millet. Cold hopping without additional equipment." - Serhii NAZARENKO, technologist of "Unitek"
"Prospect of processing fruits and berries into distillates." - Oleksander KOVACH, an official representative in Ukraine of KOVODĚL JANČA company.
Discussion panel "Women in the brewing business, in Ukraine and the world." Moderator - Yulia KYRYLENKO, chief technologist of the BLINKERS BREW brewery (Romania, Timisoara), technologist of the Gonzo brewery.
Under discussion:
"Woman-brewer: attract unique tastes and aromas!" - Yulia KYRYLENKO, chief technologist of the BLINKERS BREW brewery (Romania, Timisoara), technologist of the Gonzo brewery.
"Gender stereotypes in brewing". – Ksenia LYTVYNIUK, sales market development manager at, co-founder of Divchata brewery.
Iryna KOMMODOVA, head of the sales department of "Sho Brewery"
Svitlana DUBYNYUK, director of the Malle brewery (Obukhiv) - Partner of the Forum`s business tour.
Lilia KOLESNYK, brewer-technologist
Nataliya KALANCHA, Category Brand Manager of the Fermented Drinks Category of "Novi Produkty Ukraine" 
Announcement of a Women`s Beer Tasting brewed in collaboration with Beer Master Brewery on March 8 that will take place in the evening.
"Yeast for wheat beer German and Belgian style". - Bohdan DEMCHENKO, representative of Malt of Ukraine, TM Fermentis.
"At last, Ukrainian strong craft was legalized. What`s next? How to set up the production of alcohol distillates and their beverages" - Kateryna KAMYSHEVA, president of the Ukrainian Craft Distillers Association.
"Hygiene of brewing". - Antey PROKHOROV, manager of the company "Ukrainian Chemical Technologies".
"From the brewery to the whiskey. Production of distillates at the brewery" - Andriy PETROVSKY, manager of the "Strong alcohol" category of, vice-president of the All-Ukrainian Bartenders Association (AUBA), master`s degree in the program "Sensory Analysis in Food Technologies" of the Odesa National Technological University, graduate student of the department of fermentation products and winemaking of the National University of Food Technologies.
"Latest trends in the spirits bottle closures" - Vyacheslav Shysh, a representative from the TAPI company (Italy).
The production of strong alcohol as a business: experience of business development, recipe, and implementation of effective technologies." - Mykhailo DROBOK, founder of the distillery "Fayna Flyashka".
"GEA equipment for the non-alcoholic beer industry and distillers". - Serhiy LEVYK, GEA sales engineer, Yuriy VOYTYUK, GEA sales manager.
"Mouterij Dingemans Belgian. Using alternative malts to improve quality and expand the range." – Valeriy VINOGRADOV, brewer of “Malle Brewery”, and Yulia KYRYLENKO, chief technologist of BLINKERS BREW (Romania, Timisoara), technologist of Gonzo Brewery.
Discussion panel "Beer sales: a practical case about how to gain beer market: domestic and foreign" Moderator - Mykola IVASHYSHYN, founder of Volyn Brewery (Rivna region).
Topics for discussion
• "Sales department at a beer plant and brewery: what the result depends on." - Mykola IVASHYSHYN, founder of Volyn Brewery (Rivne region).
• Beer in specialized retails. Basic requirements, problems, and solutions. Oleksander KIRYAK, head of the distribution department of Pivobank (Kharkov).
"Branding: current approaches and new trends" - Yuliya Vasylchuk, director, owner of the Concept glass company.
Pavlo MOKRENSKY, co-owner of Brew ELIT
The final speech of the organizers - the founders of the media group "Technologies and Innovations" Kateryna KONYEVA and Nadia Yashchuk. Photo shooting near the brand wall.
18:00 – 18:30
Participants relocate to the Beermaster Brewery pub for a friendly dinner and beer tasting, including ciders and distillates from Ukrainian breweries and distilleries.
18:30 – 19:30
Presentation-tasting of the products introduced by the tasting participants - beer, strong craft beverages, distillates, and ciders. Excursion. Speech by Volodymyr PASHKA, director of the Donau Lab Ukraine company, the Main Technological Partner of the Forum, during a tour with the visit production. Friendly dinner
19:30 – 21:30
The charity auction of goods and services from Ukrainian and European companies will be presented in a lottery to support the needs of Dmytro Samoilov`s unit (Kyiv Local Brewery.) 
Moderator: Viktor VASHCHUK, head brewer of Beermaster Brewery, Dmytro NEKRASOV, one of the founders of the Association of "Independent Breweries of Ukraine", master brewer, technologist of First Dnipro Brewery.
April 19, 2024
2nd Day, Business Tour 
9:00 a.m. – Departure from the Verkhovyna Hotel and Restaurant complex.
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – Visit to the "Litopys" brewery.
13:00 – 16:00 – Visit to the Malle Brewery.
Tasting and dinner.
The business tour costs - 900 UAH (registration is separate, only for participants on the first day).
Registration is still open.




Address of the Conference:

Registration of members:

Лариса Товкач, тел..: +38 097 96 89 516; Анна Панкратенкова, тел: +38 097 759 25 83; Ірина Петронюк, тел: +38 096 49 166 92

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