June 18-19, 2019 !Fest Republic, Lviv, st. Starozenes`ka, 24-26


Organizers and media partners


Terms of participation

Cost of participation in the conference day on June 18: 1900 UAH

(coffee break, lunch, evening banquet, including tasting beer from Ukrainian breweries and presentation of the beer menu, information materials, presentations of the speakers)

For participation in events on June 19 - additional registration and payment.

Discounts for 2nd and 3rd participants - 5% and 10%.

Subscribers to the Beer magazine. Technology and Innovation "- 10% discount.

Privileged terms of participation - for domestic brewers.

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Forums program

Forums program


18 - 19 June,
Location !FESTrepublic
(Staroznesenska str. 24-26, Lviv, Ukraine)

08:00 – 09:00
Participant registration. Coffee break.

The stand will be operating for subscribers of the magazine "Beer. Technologies and Innovations and "Drinks. Technologies and Innovations"

Participants` enrollment to the beer tour "Craft Way" to be held June 19, 2019

Participants` enrollment for collaborative brewing of beer to be held 19 June 2019

09:00 – 17:00
An exhibition-presentation of equipment, technologies, and materials for craft brewing.

12.00 – 13.30
Tables for negotiations with representatives of trade and restaurant networks will be worked.

09:00 – 09:25
Forum Opening and Welcoming Speeches from the Organizers and Partners:

Kateryna KONEVA, Nadiya YASHCHUK - founders of the informative - publishing project "Technologies and Innovations", and organizers of the International Forum of Brewers and Restaurateurs;

Yuriy ZASTAVNY, Director of the Pravda Beer Theater - the Main Organizational Partner of the Forum.

Andriy YURAGO, beer sommelier, an expert in beer and food pairing, the founder of the project "People Taster", moderator of the chefs` section.

09:30 – 10:00
More about the results of the International Tasting Competition East European Beer Award - 2018 and new Regulation of Tasting Competition 2019 to be held on October 8-10, 2019, Rivne, hotel complex Aivengo.

Andriy KYSIL`, President of the Tasting Competition East Europen Beer Award.

Yuriy SEMENOV, co-founder, and head of the Kiev Beer League, co-organizer of the competition.

In the Discussion:
• Victor GOLOVKO, VG brewery (Kyiv).
• Yuriy GAFIYAK, "Tsipa" (Kvasy village of Ivano-Frankivsk region)
• Przemysl BROZH, Kant (Rivne)
• Volodymyr PASHKO, Donau Lab Ukraine (Kyiv)

10:00 – 13:00
Technological Forum "Technologies & Innovations Is the Driving Force for the Development of the Brewing Industry"

Moderator - Kateryna KONEVA, the project" Technologies and Innovations"

"From dream to reality: Own brewery. Correction of mistakes". Dmytro NEKRASOV, First Dnipro Brewery (Dnipro)

"Standards of quality of malt production in Ukraine. Malts from Harvest Malt - a high-quality standard for the selection of raw materials and production methods". Vadym RUZHYTSKY, the owner of the Group of Companies "HarvestAgroHim Ukraine".

"A thin border in the quality of beer or comparison of methods of grinding: decoction or infusion". Jindrich CHEJN, an expert in brewing (Czech Republic).

"Modern brewing: new varieties - new opportunities", representative of company Castle Malting (Theme is currently being agreed).

"Bottling: foam and quality of beer". Magnus CARLBERG, CEO of PontumAB (Sweden).

"Ukrainian craft: born and keeps growing! About the peculiarities of creating a beer with the use of Ukrainian raw materials". Yuriy ZASTAVNY, the founder and director of the Pravda Beer Theater (Lviv)

"Craft breweries need a best hops. So here we are!". Ziemowit FAŁAT, co-owner of Browamator (Poland).

"Plant Thermo-Pack for today. Opportunities. Innovations". Dmytro BOGOVYK, Director of Sales Department of "Termo-Pack" Ltd. (Ukraine).

13:00 – 14:30

An Opening of Public Tasting of beer from Ukrainian and foreign brewers with determining winners - of the Consumers Beer Award 2019

Presentation of the cider from the partners of the Forum.

Presentation of cheese, meat, and seafood, etc. products from food partners.

14:30 – 17:00
                 Section for Beer Chefs "Foodpairing in Accordance to Craft Beer"

Moderator and Speaker - Andriy YURAGO, Beer sommelier, an expert in foodpairing, founder of the project People Taster

14:30 - "Foodpairing as an adult. How to surprise your guests with a combination of craft beer and food". Andriy YURAGO, Beer Sommelier, expert on food-peyering, founder of the project "People Taster".

From 15:00master classes at the FEST Cooking School:

A.    Master class of the Chef of Pravda Beer Theater, Igor RUDYAKOV, with the preparation of a unique Galician cuisine: chalky chopsticks, on the garnish - vegetables in beer caramel.

B.     Master class for snail dishes: tartlets with snails, cream cheese and herbs - with honey and lemon sauce and spicy, with soy sauce, paprika and garlic from Irina YUS`KEVYCH, snail farm Zakhidny Ravlyk (Lviv)

The presentation of dishes will be taking place during buffet for the Forum participants in the  Pravda Beer Theater (beginning at 19:30).

The second day, Gastro - tour by creative places of the  !FEST" Holding of Emotions.  Fest, with a tasting of author`s dishes and beverages (the list is currently being agreed)

Venue: FEST Cooking School   

14:30 – 15:05
               Legal Forum
TOPIC: HACCP Certification in the Ukrainian Brewing Industry

"Peculiarities of the implementation of the HACCP system at the enterprises of the brewing industry". A representative of the "Compliance Appraisal Center FACTUM.

"How quickly to get around all obstacles and effectively implement the Quality and Safety Management System for a beer at the brewery". Valentyna MYKUSEVYCH, an expert on beer quality management.

15:10 – 15:50
"Let`s Talk About Intellectual Property and Intellectual Lifehacks". Veronika BEREZANSKA, Coordinator for the support of community projects of the company Pakharenko & Partners, Head of the Commission on Intellectual Property and unfair competition ICC Ukraine.

"Useful tips on using copyright objects (texts, pictures, photo, and video content) from social networks when making beer accessories, pubs, and promotional materials." Larysa SEVOSTIANOVA, PR-manager of IP and Law firm "Pakharenko & Partners".

15:55 – 16:30
                 SECTION 4. "Beer Business Economics: You`re not so rich to buy cheap stuff!"

Moderator – Yuriy ZASTAVNY, Director and founder of the Pravda Beer Theater

"Brewery: automation of production - is it a worthy investment?" Mykola IVASCHYSHYN, brewery "Volynsky Brovar".

“The next step in development is the creation of own laboratory. The costs are justified”. Volodymyr LYTVYN, head of the laboratory of the brewery Kumpel-groups (Theme is currently being agreed).

 "From the restaurant brewery - to the factory: where to take investment". Serhiy KOVALENKO,

General Manager of the ALTBIER Restaurant Family. 

"PET KEG: professional solutions". Oleksandr KERNOZ, regional manager for the territory of Ukraine of PET Technologies.

"Let`s talk about building own business on the basis of craft beer". Igor SAMOYLENKO, commercial director of the craft brewery Fanatic Brewery.

«Technology GEA for craft brewery». Olena NOVIKOVA, representative of the company «GEA Ukraine».


17:10 – 18:00
              SECTION 5. Marketing for Brewery: Tet-a-tet

Moderator – Timur GERASIMOVICH, pub CRAFT vs. PUB, Rock Dog Brewery.

"Creating a beer restaurant: What is in the basis of conception". Oleg CHUMAKOV, Reberbar (Kyiv), restaurant-brewery "Chumakov" (Mariupol).

"Beer tourism or the first results of the Museum of Beer and Samogon". Vasyl KOZHAN, brewery BEER HOUSE (Poltava).

"Craft at retail or how can brewer understand what the consumer wants". Denis ZHATKIN, KEDS Pub (Dnipro).

"The power of three: Is it possible for three persons to organize a beer festival for 7 thousand people?" Timur GERASYMOVYCH, pub CRAFT vs. PUB, Rock Dog Brewery.

18:00 – 18:15
Summing up the results of the forum of brewers and restaurateurs. The final speeches from the organizers: Kateryna KONEVA, Nadia YASCHUK, founders of the information and publishing project "Technologies and Innovations."

18:30 – 19:00
Excursion to the production: brewery Pravda.

Departure for having a buffet to the Pravda Beer Theater (Square Rynok).

19:30 – 22:00
Evening buffet with a tasting of 6 beer varieties and presentation of exclusive authors` dishes that have been prepared by members of the section for chefs

Pravda-orchestra is responsible for music


19 June

А. Beer tour (visiting by the best craft breweries and pubs of Lviv.)
* Registration and fee must be done in addition

В. Gastro Tour (hiking route) by "!FEST" Holding of Emotions
* Only for members of the section for chefs

С. Collaborative brewing of beer in the Pravda Beer Theater
* Registration and fee must be done in addition

D. 10:00-14:00
A workshop for brewers from Jindrich Chejn, an expert in brewing (Czech Republic)
* Registration and fee must be done in addition

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Address of the Conference:

!Fest Republic, Lviv, st. Starozenes`ka, 24-26

Registration of members:

Надія Рачковська: + 38 063 056 47 88; Анна Ільчук: +38 068 568 66 58; Ірина Петронюк: +38 096 49 16 692; Лариса Товкач: +38 0979689516

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