December 13-14 Rivne


Organizers and media partners


Terms of participation in the conference:
Cost of participation:
Conference day + business tour - 1900 UAH
Conference day (without a business tour) - 1200 UAH

Payment up to 10.11 - 1200 UAH
Payment after 10.11 - 1400 UAH

(The price includes coffee breaks, lunches, buffets, service during the event, participation in the presentation of fruits and berries, as well as drinks and dishes, a packet of the participant of the conference with information materials, a detailed post-report on the event with the database of contacts and final presentations of speakers , sent by e-mail).
Attention: for subscribers of the magazines "Gardening and Viticulture. Technologies and Innovations", "Yagidnik" and "Goroshnik" preferential conditions for participation in the conference (10% discount). For farms - a special price. Discount for 2nd and 3rd participant from the company - 10-15%.

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Forums program

Forums program

"Berries and Processing: technologies and innovations"

International Scientific - Practical Conference
" Berries and Processing: Technologies and Innovations"
December 13-14, 2018, Rivne, Ukraine
Hotel complex "Aivengo" (Rivne region, v. Kolodenka, Zelena str., 53)

08:00 – 9:00    
Participants registration.

The start of the exhibition-presentation of equipment, technologies and materials and products for horticultural and processing industries.


09:00 - 17:00    
An exhibition-presentation of equipment, technologies and materials and products for horticultural and processing industries.

For subscribing to the magazines of the project "Technologies and Innovations" will be operating special stand. We prepare a special promo campaign for participants, 10% off for purchasing a full set of magazines.
09:00 – 09:10
Conference Opening and Welcoming Speeches from the Organizers and Partners

Welcoming Speeches:
- Kateryna KONEVA, Nadiya YASHCHUK - founders of the informative - publishing project "Technologies and Innovations", and organizers of the COnferences;
- Taras BASHTANNYK, director of the company ""UKRAINIAN BERRY" - the Main Berry Partner of the Conference.
- Nadia Perekhodko, Director of the Department of Agricultural Development of the Rivne ODA.

09-15 – 10-30  
Section 1. ROUND TABLE. Development of the domestic market: marketing, culture of consumption.

Discussion of the situation in the berry industry of Ukraine and the world. Prospects for Ukrainian berry growing.

Moderator - Kateryna Koneva, chief editor of the publishing house "Technologies and Innovations".

- "Ukrainian berry growing: let`s sum up the season - 2018". Discussion on current issues in berry growing industry. Viktor KOSTENKO, Head of the Department of Horticulture, Viticulture, and Winemaking, of the Department of Agriculture and Technical Policy of the Agroindustrial Complex of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

- Irina KUKHTINA, President of the associations "Innovative Farming and Co-operation", "Ukranian Berry Growing". The theme is currently being agreed.

- "Plant varieties as the basis of successful berry business", Anastasia TERZEMAN, expert of law firm "Paharenko & Partners" - General Legal Partner of the Conference. Basic theses of the speech:
* acquisition of proprietary intellectual property rights for a plant variety,
* licensing agreements (main problems, based on jurisprudence);
* plant variety name and trademark (peculiarities of sharing).

- Volodymyr PECHKO, Public Association "Ukrsadvinprom".

10:30 – 13:30
Section 2. Modern Technologies of Berry Growing Are a Guarantee of a Successful Berry Business.

MODERATOR: Kateryna SHCHERBACHENKO, deputy editor-in-chief of the project "Technologies and Innovations".

"After harvesting and marketing of berry products. Highbush blueberry - from the global market to the store shelf. The transformation stages of agricultural products to the ready-made product." Taras BASHTANNYK, director of the company "Ukrainian Berry".

"For the first in Ukraine: modern  innovative preparations of the company Bayer Serenade® ACO and Sivanto® Prime -  the guarantee of reliable protection of fruit, vegetable, and berry crops." Igor TARUSHKІN, regional manager of the Bayer company (Ukraine).

«The latest trends in the berries production in Poland and other key European counties». Dr. Miroslav
, leading fruit and vegetable manager of the company Bayer in Central and Eastern Europe, international expert (East Europe).

“Berry enterprise management from“ a ”to“ z ”. Frankly about the secrets of success on the example of growing highbush blueberries. Oleg NAUMENKO, managing partner of the  company «Yagodki» (Ukraine).

"Raspberry that does not disappoint:  market trends and the ways of solving problems." Professor Pavel KRAVETS, an international berry market expert (Poland).

“The application of crop covers and mulch fabrics in berries cultivation”. Tomasz POLISZAK, representative of company Agrimpex.

“Innovative technologies in growing of highbush blueberry. It has been taken from the experience of the largest berry farm in Eastern Europe". Victor FARAPHONOV, Director, BETEK Company (Ukraine). The theme is currently being agreed.

"Newest systems of berry crops nutrition". Dmytro FARTUSHNYI, agronomist consultant of the company "Agrooptima" (Ukraine).

"The technology of the creating of berry plantation in pots: peculiarities of strawberry and raspberry planting" Krzysztof SAK, agronomist of Agronom Plants company (Poland).

"From the personal experience of creating a berry farm". Speech is currently being agreed.

11:00 – 13:00
Tables for negotiations with trading networks exporters, purchasers will be operating.
13:30 – 14:30    

Presentation of berry wine from kizil, cherry, raspberry, currant, white and pink grapes from Vitaliy CHATI, director of the fruit and berry nursery Korets-Sad.

14:35 – 18:00
Presentation of berry and fruit beverages and other products based on fruits and berries.

15:30 – 19:00
Section 3. Proper Storage and High-Tech Processing of Berry Products Is a Guarantee of the Company`s Success in the Market.

"How to prepare the fild to new plants: experience of Zlota jagoda". Krzysztof  BOTUL, representative of company ZLOTA Yagoda (Poland).

"Climate control in berry tunnels: peculiarities of growing berries with market characteristics". Marek YAMRY, sale manager of the company Haygrove (Poland).

"Agrotracer: automation of production processes of the horticultural, or berry farms, of the processing complex. Providing a product traceability system." Andriy OLEKSYUK, representative of the innovative company "Voloshyn" (Ukraine).

"Berry freezing system: peculiarities, requirements, standards. Experience of the company "Rivne-Kholod". Valentina MARTINCHUK, Deputy Director of the TPV "Rivne-Kholod" (Ukraine).

"Raspberry winery by Orest Deineka". From the experience of creating a successful business.

"Shock Freeze: all the subtleties of creating value-added products for domestic and foreign markets." Representative of the company UNIDEX (The speech is currently being agreed).

"Irrigation of a berry plantation: full automation of the processes of irrigation and fertigation". Vadim BOYKO, director of PROFPOLIV.

"Biotechnology in berry farming". Volodymyr SILENKO, agronomist of BTU-Center company.

"Mechanization of the processes of growing modern berry - fields". The speech is currently being agreed.

"Application of modern materials and agrotechnologies in the cultivation of berry crops". Dmitry DOVZHIK, Business Development Specialist of the company Mizol.

18:50 – 19:00

Summing up the conference results. The final speeches from the organizers: Kateryna Koneva, Nadiia Yashchuk - founders of the informative publishing project "Technologies and Innovations."
A lottery draws from the companies - partners.

19:30 – 21:00    

Gala dinner for participants and partners of the conference.

Day 2nd, December 14

09:00 – 18:00    
Business tour to the enterprise Ukrainian Berry to the address Markushi village of Berdychi district of Zhytomyr Region).

8:00 - Departure from Rivne.

11:00 - Coffee break.

12:00 - A master-class on pruning of highbush blueberry conducted by the main agronomist LLC "Ukrainian Berry" Anatoliy FIALKA.

The watering technology presentation of the highbush blueberry plantation. Vladislav RAZKEVYCH, Director of the company Eucalypt P

14:00 - Visit the processing complex of the company "Ukrainian Berry".

Presentation of the product sorting technologies by the representative of the company "Sorter-Pack."

16:00 - Lunch.

17:00 - Departure from the city of Zhytomyr to Rivne.

Project Coordinator:
Anna Pankratenkova:
+380 97 75 925 83,
+380 95 60 70 904

For participants and partners registration:
Nadia Rachkovska: +38 (063) 056 47 88;
Iryna Petronyuk: +38 096 49 16 692;
Anna Ilchuk: +38 068 568 66 58.

Project Director:
Nadiya Yaschuk:
+38 (068) 568 58 22,

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Address of the Conference:


Registration of members:

Надія Рачковська: + 38 063 056 47 88; Ірина Петронюк: +38 096 49 16 692; Анна Ільчук: +38 068 568 66 58; Підтримка ЗМІ - Катерина Щербаченко: +38 066 621 15 47

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